Summer – Contests & Vacation

Finally, some flying.  I am driving tomorrow morning for Geneseo, the annual Flying Aces Club contest.  I will be returning Sunday.  Then I will be home for just over two weeks until I leave for another 5-day flying session at the AMA Free Flight Nats in Muncie.  Immediately after the Nats, the Mrs. says we must go on vacation and I will be off to Jolly Old England and Scotland until the end of the month.

Sooooo… out of the next seven weeks, I am home for a little over two weeks.  I would suggest that you hold any orders for Volare Products until after 01 September.  Orders from 2019 have been slower than normal in processing due to volume, and this will only add to the problem.

Oh, on top of that…yesterday, my laser cutter failed to cut for me.  I think it is a dead tube and I have ordered one.  It should arrive while I am in New York, so Sunday or Monday (or whatever day after that it arrives) I will be swapping in the new tube and frantically cutting kits again.  (I really need a larger capacity laser, but that requires a “remodel” of the basement to make it fit!)

Anyway, wish me luck in flying, safety in travels, and good times on vacation.  See you on the flying field!

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