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Torque Meters – Taking Orders

I spent Friday and Saturday at the Volare Products Machine Shop so that my dad and I could collaborate and finalize the design and operation of two new products:  plug-n-play Torque Meters for two standard winders, the Morrill Sidewinder and … Continue reading

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The Long Road from Idea to Kit

I’ve had real conversations with friends and customers that go something like this “well, that can be your next kit!” I’ve imagined that some customers don’t understand what goes into producing a kit, even a short kit – at least … Continue reading

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Canopies – Waste Not, Want Not

Everyday, people – INCLUDING US MODELERS – throw away perfectly good material that would work in our modeling world.  I’m not talking about the product you purchased, but the packaging you throw away – the ubiquitous Blister Packs that contain … Continue reading

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