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TONS of RARE TOOLS Available in the Basement!

I’ve been gathering rare Free Flight tools from several estates.  I have now uploaded them to the Basement.  There are winders, winders, and more winders.  Also rubber strippers, torque meters, CO2 motors and more. Check them out here:

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TWO NEW Volare Products KITS!

Finally, I can release two new NoCal kits that I’ve been working on.  As you might know, one of my “production requirements” is that the design must prove to be fly-able.  This is a carry-over from my days of selling … Continue reading

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24 Days Later…

No, this isn’t a zombie story…or maybe… Back in Mid April, I wrote about my Peanut Tailwind that got caught in a tree.  Near the end of the long post, I said: “At least I can go visit its final … Continue reading

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A Busy Time

It’s been a busy week or two.  With the trip to Kent behind us, I had to catch up on orders; by customers and by me for re-stocking.  Kent also resulted in repairs to most of the planes I took … Continue reading

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