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BIGGEST NEWS YET – Volare Products is Purchasing Superior Props

    As most of you are aware, Mr Bob Gourdon of Superior Props has been slipping in the fulfillment of orders for his Superior Props due to health reasons.  After much consideration, gentle prodding from fellow modelers, and a … Continue reading

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Triflyer in Action

I had the opportunity to test out the Triflyer indoors today.  I didn’t have a lot of time, but the plane flies pretty well.  This is flying with a  short loop of 3/32″ rubber and about 700 turns.  I anticipate … Continue reading

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NEW PRODUCT – Triflyer Kit

70 years ago this month, Flying Aces Magazine published its November 1943 issue.  It was during the middle of WWII and the civilian country was living with rationing and shortages of resources of all types.  The magazine, conscientious of the … Continue reading

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New Product – Plug-n-Play Counter for the Rees ScaleWinder

Customers have often asked me if I sell a counter to go along with the Rees Winder.  I have had to answer with a “yes…but…”  The counters I have had require a lot of work on the customer’s part; including … Continue reading

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Loss of a Friend – Lonnie Kinder

Last week, our small midwestern free flight community was shocked to hear that our friend, Lonnie Kinder, had passed away suddenly.  Lonnie was an important part of the Flying Aces Club in Indiana.  He was the Contest Director for an … Continue reading

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End of 2013

Well, today was my last contest of 2013.  The last two Cloudbusters contests were rained out and today’s was actually supposed to be yesterday, but rain bumped it to the right one day. Despite the low-to-mid 40s temperatures today, we … Continue reading

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