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New GeeBee Z-style Embryo Wheel Pants

I’ve been using this wheel pants kit on my latest Embryo (the Sky Rocket).  While I liked my original design, I felt they lacked some…pizzazz.  So I traced the wheel pants shape of the classic GeeBee Z race plane.  Now … Continue reading

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It’s been about a year since I ran out of material for Blast Tubes.  Now I have sourced a better type of tubing.  We are back to the original thin-wall (0.012″) tubing which makes the product lighter and more flexible. … Continue reading

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“Props” to Some of my Flying Friends

Today seemed to be the day to get news on accomplishments of some of my flying friends. The first one I will mention is good friend and fellow Cloudbuster, Ted Allebone.  Ted’s 2012 AMA Nats winning P-30 design was finally … Continue reading

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New Products – Reproduction National Air Races Decals

I have had an eye on these for a long time.  I thought it would be great to have these, but all I could ever find were authentic decals – and I wouldn’t destroy an antique. Recently, I came across … Continue reading

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New Product – Tufoil Lubit-8 1/4 ounce Pen Oiler

As flying season winds down here in the midwest, I am starting to focus more on expanding the business.  I have some big plans that will, hopefully, come to fruition around the New Year. But, right now, I have obtained … Continue reading

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