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End of Year Short Kit Releases

Wrapping up 2018, I have quietly put a couple of short kits online. First, I have the Jimmie Allen Sky Raider.  I was able to fly this in September at the FAC Outdoor Champs and Ted Dock contests.  It is … Continue reading

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December Flight Report

If you remember, I had three new planes to test fly (and compete with) at the Cloudbusters’ December Indoor Contest (yesterday – 13 Dec 2018).  I build the B.A.T. Monoplane, Phantom Flash (#11), and the Cloud Dancer. Let’s start with … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Winter Modeler

Hi, my name is George and I might have a problem.  It has all the traits of an addiction.  Maybe combined with a touch of Seasonal Affected Disorder* I sit here in a confused and anxious state, a few days … Continue reading

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