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I Build Peanut Warbirds – the Bf-109

Let’s add the Messerschmitt BF-109E to the Peanut Warbird stable, which now includes the I-16 (first built by me in 1991, then 2020), the Barracuda (1998, then 2015), the Stuka (2013), the Corsair (2019), and the Yak-3 (2020)! I am … Continue reading

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SIX (!) New Kits! Comet’s 20″ Dimers!

It all started when John Koptonak announced that his Glastonbury Indoor group would be doing a one-design for their Indoor season – the 20″ Comet Taylorcraft.  Wow, what a neat idea.  Some of us Cloudbusters kicked it around informally and … Continue reading

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