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NEW PRODUCT – Electronic Band-Burner DT

A year ago, I posted a video on the operation of a Electronic Band-Burner DT and many people have asked if I would be carrying this product. I am happy to say that I have worked out an agreement with … Continue reading

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Fun in the Sun – 26 July

It’s funny how perceptions change.  Prior to this year, it might have been “too windy” to fly.  It really wasn’t, but we get spoiled.  Now, since many of us are self-isolating and most forms of entertainment are no longer available, … Continue reading

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NEW PRODUCT – Square Eagle P-30 SHORT KIT!

Two years ago, Dave Acton sent me the materials and his blessing to go produce the Square Eagle P-30, should I want to.  Dave and Bob Langelius had been selling the Blue Ridge line through PAL Model Products.  They had … Continue reading

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New JetCat Kits and Other Stuff

A quick update – New JetCat Kits, Postal Rates, Build Projects, Photos, etc NEW JETCAT KITS I have two New JetCat kits available:  The Heinkel He.178 and the Lockheed L-133 Starjet The He.178 has been mentioned here before, I am … Continue reading

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