Hints & Tips: Tissue Weights

Someone recently asked me about the weight of various tissue types.  Here is a non-comprehensive list of tissues that I am aware of.  I will include other types if people submit information.  The table is sorted by weight.  Notes below the table.


Mt FUJI****,18gsm

* “Gampi” apparently has a variety of densities.  What I used to sell weighed 9gsm.  the EasyBuilt web site reports their Gampi is 12gsm.

** “Dilly” is available from the UK, but only in large rolls, to my knowledge.  Also, I believe this is what Bernard Guest uses for his printed tissue that he sells.

*** “Flomo” is a brand name of Domestic tissue that I found in my local supermarket.  I have used white and like it a lot and have recommended it.

**** “Mt Fuji” is available from EasyBuilt.  Weight calculation discovered on Hip Pocket

***** Domestic tissue is a general term for supermarket or dollar store tissue paper.  It is generally inferior (especially when wet) and heavy.