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Leaving 2016 and Heading Into 2017

Wow, another year gone by.  I tell you what – there were so many times in 2016 that I was on the flying field and just felt tremendous joy and appreciation for the time that was that moment.  2016 was … Continue reading

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a COMPETITIVE Indoor NoCal Short Kit – Turbo Cessna 195

Here is a new Short Kit that I’ve been working on.  Doing a google search, I found this one-off example of a Cessna 195 that had the radial replaced by a Garrett turboprop engine and the rounded wing tip clipped.  … Continue reading

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2016 Lessons Learned #3 – Props, Pre-Flight, and Apps

Learning is a good thing.  And learning things that help your planes fly better is a great thing.  So I am continuing with things I learned (or rediscovered) in 2016.   Maybe by reciting them here, over and over, I won’t … Continue reading

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Munson DT Timers are BACK IN STOCK!!!!!

UPDATE – I no longer carry these.  Please contact the manufacturer, FAI Model Supply, HERE. The sourcing of specialty parts – the bane of running a small business with a small customer base.  I have been having problems with several … Continue reading

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Happy Friday – New Plane Report

Yesterday was the 2nd Cloudbusters Indoor contest of the year.  We are able to fly at an indoor soccer arena once a month.  We only get 4 hours, but it’s 4 hours of fun.  For me, it’s a full day, … Continue reading

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2016 Lessons Learned #2 – HOW-TO Windows in Models

I have been VERY frustrated over the years trying to put windows in even the simplest models.  Even flat windows in flat sides or front have given me fits; I can never get the plastic to stay put while the … Continue reading

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I’ve GOT to make room in my limited space in the basement.  I have many Estate kits that I’ve obtained and haven’t been dragging to events.  Also, the last bit of my commercial Aerographics and West Wings kits have to … Continue reading

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