This is the list of very generous Superior Contributors that are helping us with the transition of Superior Props from Louisiana to Ohio and Michigan.

Thank you so much; everything you have contributed will help out immensely.

William Carson, Texas
Dave Mitchell, District of Columbia
J Conkling, Kansas
Don DeLoach, Colorado
Dan Driscoll, Virginia
Haoyang Wang, California
Sam Burke, Ontario
Walter Hall, Florida
Tim Horne, England
Scot Dobberfuhl, Oregon
Free Flight Quarterly
Roy Courtney, North Carolina
Pat Murray, Indiana
Rich Beltz, Pennsylvania
Gizmo Geezer, Saskatchewan
Karl Gies, Montana
Patricia Bredehoft, Michigan
Rick Pendzick, New York
Thomas A. Bredehoft, West Virginia
Roger LaPrelle, Washington
Pensacola Free Flight Team
George White, Florida
Vance Gilbert, Massachusetts
Howard Funnell, England
John Bredehoft, Alabama
Henry Frautschy, Wisconsin

Superor Props 1

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