Summer 2023 – Unbelievably Busy

I don’t know how I am going to manage the rest of this summer.  All of a sudden, nearly every week from now until mid-August is occupied. Next week, I am visiting my brother, who is suffering from cancer.  My younger son is getting married at the end of June.  We are (hopefully) moving Superior Props north, some undetermined time between now and mid-July.  I have the FAC non-Nats in New York a week in mid-July, followed by the AMA Nats the very next week.  Almost immediately after I return, the Mrs has scheduled a two-week trip to Europe.

This will have a severe impact on my business.  Many of the exiting orders and any orders placed between now and mid-August will likely be delayed.  I will have merchandise at Geneseo and Muncie and if you want to place orders for pickup/delivery for either contest, go ahead – I will try to get them prepared.

Since I do kits pretty much on-demand, I may or may not be able to have kits ready for these events.  I will try my best, but understand, there might be significant delays in fulfillment.

If you have an order placed and cannot wait, I recommend you contact me and we can cancel the order.  If you can please be patient, I will do my best to get things sorted for you as soon as I can.

Apologies in advance.

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