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30 Jan 2024

I have, after considerable time, effort, and expense, converted my web-store to Shopify.  You can find it here:

PLEASE NOTE:  All Products, Customers, and Orders were migrated to the Shopify store.  Everything since I converted the store last time in 2020.   All existing OPEN orders will be completed within the new store.  I am sure there will be challenging issues coming up, but please continue to be patient and we will get through them.

For some unknown reason, my entire site may be broken.  I cannot seem to make a new post.  This post was done by editing an old post, so it is not technically a new post.  It had been my intent to keep the WordPress Blog, Image Galleries, Documentation, Downloads, etc. all right here.

But in order to make it more than a static page, I may have to rebuild it completely.  That will take another great deal of time and effort – and I am not up to that right now.

This does not mean that I will be inactive.  On the contrary, I will continue to work as I have had in the past.


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