Products, Props, and Planes

This morning, I finished up loading all of the remaining products into my new storefront – that is, except for the Superior Props items, which are still on hold (I think I got them all).  I streamlined many items, so you will have to make selections of what size you want.  This reduces the number of items for sale and makes the site a little more manageable, – I think.

Two discoveries:

  1. You do NOT have to register an account to buy product.  I did not import the old accounts (I don’t even know if that is possible), so (as some have found out) your old ID and Password will not work on the new site.  But, as I said, you can complete an order without an account, so I guess that part is up to you.
  2. Shipping should now show two options: Flat Rate and Contest/Event Pickup.  I thought I had the Event Pickup programmed, but it wasn’t working and I had to make some changes.  Event Pickup will not charge shipping.  Obviously, it will be used if we are meeting somewhere and you want a hand-to-hand transfer of products.  Also, I advise customers to use this on a second, active order when they want to combine orders.  Of course, If you choose this, your product will NOT be shipped.

I should now be moving on from site maintenance.  The rest is up to you – go ahead and try it out.

I’ve been making replacement props for several of my Indoor models.  You might be able to connect my end product with a certain jig that has been online, but I will wait to provide details until after I get some testing done the day after tomorrow, when I go to the Cloudbusters February Indoor Meet.  Here’s a photo – I’ve made 8 props to date and they all are using calculated and laser-cut Larrabee blade shapes.  Performance reports after the contest.



I set aside my Mega Caudron for a bit.  I needed to get a Greve Racer ready for the AMA Indoor Nats at the end of May.  I will be testing it on Thursday, also.  Here it is – The Elmendorf Special.  This is the Keith Rider R-5 in its first livery.  It was later black and yellow and known as the “Jackrabbit”.  The plan is a Tom Nallen design and this is built from my Short Kit   It is the second one I have built.  The first flew into some neighborhood last summer and could not be found.  This is much lighter and, at 14 grams, should do well Indoors.

You can find both Short Kits HERE and HERE.  Strangely, I have seen quite an up-tick in Elmendorf sales in the last year (over the Jackrabbit).  For a long time, the Jackrabbit was the more popular.  I have come to think that it is because of the new FAC Rules and the Greve Race Eligibility List that came out last year.  The list was simplified to list a plane only once, even though it might have had multiple colors and race numbers – and it lists the earliest version.  The old list referenced the Jackrabbit, and the new lists the original Elmendorf Special.  This problem is that it might be confusing – maybe people are thinking the Jackrabbit is no longer eligible – which is not true!

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