Next Up – Peanut Fairey Barracuda

Back in 1998, I built a little Barracuda Peanut.  The plan appeared in the Cleveland Free Flight Society’s “Crosswinds” newsletter.  It was a great flyer right off the board; my records show that I won 7 kanones with it that year, in Peanut and WWII, before it was lost OOS in Flint.

After my previous post about my Stuka and how I really should build another – better performing – WWII plane, I dug out the old plans, modified them and laser cut some parts out of 1/32″ sheet and 1/20″ sheet.  The largest dimensional wood in this model is 1/16″ square for the leading edges.

With a bit of trimming, this should be a great flyer; it already does about 3 left-hand circuits on 500 turns of a single loop of 1/16″ rubber.  With a bit of LUCK, I’ll keep it around for awhile, but I expect it will also go OOS before the end of the year.

It is 10 grams without rubber, and still needs a tail wheel and radio antenna and wire.  All color and decoration was printed onto white Esaki.  Laser cutting started on 30 May and the test flights were yesterday (but I did wait about 3 days to make a canopy).

See the full gallery here:


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  1. Richard Williams says:

    Great looking plane. Hope you will kit this soon.

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