Indoor Fun – 10 November 2022

The Cloudbusters held their November Indoor contest yesterday so I drove the 135 miles (2+ hours) one way to go have four hours of fun. (For those of you that complain about no where local to fly, I think this is the norm – you have to go where the flying IS, even if it is far away.)

The day presented a good amount of frustration.  I couldn’t get my NoCal Tailwind to fly (I think I over-propped it) and I broke both struts on it.  I got my breand-new Sky Box II Embryo out and promptly got it stuck.  I called the building management to help get it down – “we normally do that once a week – and not while the room is scheduled/occupied”.  See you later, Sky Box.

My Phantom Flash needs a replacement.  It is old and cantankerous.  Torque takes it left on takeoff, but it figure-eights to the right.  It got stuck on the side of the building.  Fortunately, I could reach it with my 35-foot pole.  It only got stuck THREE MORE TIMES on the way down from that retrieval.

I did win a couple events, and I put a 16″ loop of rubber in my Peanut Stallion and had a good flight.  It will be a great flight when I get the zoomies tamed.  Here’s a video:




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