April 1st – Anniversaries

As I have noted before, April 1st has become a landmark day to me in my life.  April 1st, 1996 was the first day of my new career in Battle Creek, MI.  It was a wise choice to move to Battle Creek for me, as I was able to advance farther than I could have elsewhere and I was able to keep my government retirement (which I took advantage of in 2016).  Also on April 1st in 2013, I formally took over Shorty’s Basement and created Volare Products.  So that has been going on for these past 8 years.  Significantly (for me, at least), I have now produced 90 different short kits and sold just over 5,000 of them.  Of course, I owe my success to all of you that have been my customers.

So what have I been doing today, on this anniversary?  well, let’s see…

  1. I worked on hand-making clutches – for stock and to fill orders.
  2. I 3D-printed another batch of clutches
  3. I repaired an Embryo, prepping it for Outdoor season
  4. I discovered that the laser tube in my cutter needs replaced
  5. I ordered another laser tube
  6. I modified a plan for submission to a newsletter
  7. I doped a propeller for a model
  8. I modified an old 808 keychain camera for potential filming onboard a model
  9. I took delivery of product for sale and ink to replenish my printer

That’s about all, but that was all before noon!  There will be the packing of orders later and maybe some model building.

Stay tuned for whatever is next!

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