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This is the power pack from “the Rookie” from Wooden Shoe Aviation Toys.  I have successfully used this to power a Peanut model.  I estimate you could use this for free flight models up to 50 square inches.  This includes Peanuts, most Dime Scale, Embryo, and small Old Timers – or any small, self-designed Free Flight model.


  • Basic Power Pack as shown
  • Add a Gizmo Geezer Nose Button

These units are a small motor pre-wired to a circuit board.  The circuit board has a charge jack and a 5 Farad capacitor.  The capacitor is the energy storage unit – no batteries onboard the model.  The weight of the onboard package is just a sliver over 5 grams.  Also included is a small propeller – about 1.875″ in diameter (47mm?).  This simply pushes onto the motor shaft.  A charge box to hold 3 AA batteries is provided (the batteries are NOT provided).

Per Archie Adamisin:

I have charged the capacitor for over a minute. After 25 sec, no increase in power or duration. After 15 sec no increase in power, but increase in duration.  You can leave that thing plugged in as long as you want. It won’t hurt the capacitor.

They are originally designed for a Pusher configuration.  You can use them in pusher models as sold.  To use these unit in Tractor configuration, you will need to rewire the wires coming from the motor to the circuit board – simple swap the red and blue wires on the circuit board (requires soldering).  Then remove the prop from the motor and reverse it and reinstall.

to convert to Tractor configuration, swap the red and blue wires on the circuit board

You will need to mount the board in your model and reinforce it so that it will sustain the insertion force of the charge plug.

NOTE:  I modified a Gizmo Geezer thrust button to hold the motor.  This made it really easy to adjust the thrust on the model.  This required a #1 drill.

More details of my installation can be found HERE.

drill out the front of the nose button with a #1 drill for a press fit onto the motor.

A test flight video is below the following photos.

Method of Operation:  Hold the model firmly in whichever hand you use to launch models.  Plug in the charger with your other hand.  A 5-second charge will be plenty for a model in a large back yard or small park.  Count the charge time, quickly unplug and launch.  There is no on-off switch, so the motor is powered upon removal of the charge plug.



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