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The Hummingbird Tiny Band Burner DT is BACK IN STOCK and it has been redesigned for the better!  I worked with Bernard for some improvements.

The design is now more compact, more logically structured, and LIGHTER!  The electronics now comes with a 3D-printed mounting flange that allows a standardized mount.  Also, now the battery need not be removed from the model to charge it!  Just unplug the batter from the board and plug in the charger.

This is an Electronic Band-Burning DT.  Are you tired of struggling with viscous DTs?  Prohibited from using burning fuses?  Is dirt getting in your clockwork?  Here is a great solution – a light-weight electronic DT that can be set to trigger when you want it in 10-second increments, up to 16 minutes.  And it has a built-in hook to anchor the rubber band.

Here is the price break-down:

DT alone = $53
DT and 30mah Battery = $63
DT, Battery, Charger and Adapter Cable = $110

Charger and Cable available separately HERE

The Hummingbird Band-Burner DT was originally designed by Liav Hershkoviz and is produced by Bernard Guest.  I have been using these for a couple of years – and they work.  They weigh less than 3 grams combined, so they won’t weigh down anything but the smallest ships.

Here is a page of details I posted HERE

Here is a video I made awhile back showing the basic operation:

You can watch Liav’s video on how to program.  There are text instructions below.

Here are the simple instructions for programming:

1 short press – Wake Up (red flash)
1 long press (hold until double red/blue flash) – Activate Timer Countdown (alternate red/blue flash)
– 1 short press before time expires resets Countdown (double red flash, then resume red/blue flash)

1 short press – Wake Up (red flash)
3 quick presses – (blue pulsing)
1 long press (hold until double red/blue flash) Shows Steady Red
– this is the timer for MINUTES
– 1 short press adds 1 minute – up to 15, 16th resets to zero minutes (steady red with blue flash each press)
1 long press (hold until double red/blue flash) Shows Steady Blue
– this is the timer for SECONDS, in TEN second intervals
– 1 short press adds 10 seconds – starting at 10 – up to 5, 6th press resets to 10 seconds (steady blue with red flash each press)
1 long press to exit programming (you must go through Minutes, then Seconds, to exit)

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