Found Centennial – DOCUMENTATION

According to most internet sources, the Found company produced FIVE total Centennials.  They were called “Centennial” because they were a celebration of the Canadian Centennial (Found was a Canadian company).  Some sources say that three were produced.  I can only find three different airplanes in “modern” photos on the internet.  It may be that two of the aircraft did not survive – or – they do survive, but no one has photographed them.  Here is what I can find:

  • CF-100-X was the first prototype it had a different nose.  It is also featured in the factory brochure.
  • CF-WFN – c/n 101 – this was the plane, white with the orange tail, that is often modeled.  It was once CF-WFN-X and it once had the same nose as the prototype.  Was it the same aircraft?  Many photos of the current coloring – red with gold trim.
  • CF-WFP – c/n 103 – this is the white and blue plane.
  • N16RH – c/n 104 a US registered Centennial.  Two photos found.

At least two “versions” utilized EDO floats:  a factory ad shows what might be CF-100-X (with the production nose) as certified for floats.  Also, recent photos of CF-WFN (red) show it at rest and flying with floats.  Is this more evidence that CF-100-X and CF-WFN are the same plane?

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