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Gollywock - 13.5"



Diameter: 13.5"

Blades: 2

Blade Profile per plan

Per MY KINGDOM FOR A PROP -From the Nov/Dec 2006 SAM Speaks

"The prop diameter of the Gollywock, Jabberwock, and Dyna-Moe have been a constant source of discussion between those enlightened souls who cite plans, articles, and personal conversations with Wally Simmers. Bob Larsh had written a letter to Wally before his death. Wally answered back on the same letter. The letter was found by Thom Greenhaldge, in Jim Adams' archives, after Jim's death. The scanned copy isn't that good, but legible. To put this to bed, here is a transcript of the letter and Wally's response:

Dear Wally,

I've recently heard that you used a 13.5 inch diameter prop on your original Gollywock and that the kit was changed to a 12 inch because of the size limitation of the new wood to cut the prop blanks. You also indicated the model flew much better with the larger prop.

If this is true, would you mind sending me a simple signed statement to this effect? As I am on the SAM design Approval Board I may be able to petition the Board members to allow your original size prop to be used in SAM contests, thereby allowing your design to be even more competitive.

Also, please indicate if this is the same case with the Jabberwock and the Dyna-Moe and what original prop diameters were.

Your Friend, Bob

The answer written on the letter by Wally is:

It is true that I used props of 12-13-13.5 on all three models: the Gollywock, Jabberwock, and Dyna-Moe. The limitation of 12" in the kit was because it was the maximum possible to cut on the prop machine.

Thanks for your interest. Wally Simmers

Now maybe it is put to rest."

Old Timer Folder Prop Blanks are hand-assembled to original pitch and profile and come complete with pre-drilled hub and hinge assembly installed and cut for perfect folding.

These will require final blade shaping and sanding, as with all Superior Prop Blanks.

Custom made blanks are made to order and require at least 2 weeks for account for manufacture and shipping.

  • Model: SupOTF-120
  • -120 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Superior Props

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