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About Us

Patricia and George have been married since 1984 and have two sons and two dogs and have resided in Battle Creek, Michigan since 1996.

George Bredehoft retired as a 35-year civilian employee of the Department of Defense. His training is in Mechanical Engineering and currently works as a Program Analyst. He discovered model aviation in his early twenties and spent several years in a local radio control club, serving as Secretary, Newsletter Editor, and Safety Officer. In the late 80s, he became interested in Free Flight Scale and started drawing plans of interesting subjects to model for Flying Aces contests. By the mid-90s his modeling was exclusively Free Flight Scale for Flying Aces. He was an active member of the Cleveland Free Flight Society and the Detroit Cloudbusters, in addition to the Flying Aces Club. Through the year 2000, he had earned 75 Kanones in FAC events. The duties of raising two sons put modeling on the back burner until 2011. He is the owner of Volare Products, exclusively specializing in Free Flight Scale Model Airplane plans that are built to FAC rules and have been proven to fly the minimum 20-seconds required for FAC official flights.

Patricia also has over 15 years in civil service to the Department of Defense. She has a background in Public Relations, Marketing and currently works as a Program Analyst for the DoD. She has always been supportive of George's modeling and her father was a civil aviation airline mechanic.

George and Pat intend to keep the focus of the business on Free Flight and will strive to provide superior customer service. Volare Products will remain a great place to obtain great free flight supplies at a fair price.