VPS Peanut Stallion 3D Printed Prop


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Designed for Scale appearance.  As proven on my Peanut Stallion.

Recommended for a ~7 gram model flying on a loop of 1/16″ rubber.

Printed in heat resistant ABS.  These props come with a basic clean-up performed.  They are close to balanced, generally requiring no extra work.

Pre-sale preparation:  these props take about 1 hour to print and about 15 minutes to manually clean up (light scraping and sanding) to get them ready for sale.

These props come with a NOMINAL 1/16″ shaft hole.  This allows the user to bush it appropriately for their prop shaft.

These props DO NOT HAVE A RAMP.  This allows the user to install their favorite clutch.  I recommend a Garami-style or a Boehm-Style clutch.

A Garami-style clutch should utilize a Tube-In-Tube prop shaft.  A Boehm-style clutch only needs one Tube bushed into the prop.

If a Spinner is included, it will a) be printed in white and b) have notches indicated for the appropriate blade count.

  • Diameter – 4″
  • Pitch – 5″
  • Spinner – comes with a White Spinner
  • Weight – ~0.9 grams (prop) plus ~0.3 grams (spinner)
  • Recommended Rubber – 1 loop 1/16″


  • Gray (standard color)
  • Black


Additional information

Weight .25 oz
Dimensions 5 × 5 × .25 in

Gray (standard), Black


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