VPS Jimmie Allen Special Embryo Wheel Pants Kit



Designed for the Jimmie Allen Special (or any sport plane with a 1″ diameter wheel), this laser cut kit contains parts for two wheels, two wheel pants, two exhaust stacks, and instructions.

The Jimme Allen Special did not come with wheel pants, but the plane design qualifies for Embryo class (less than 50 sq in wing area, fuselage contains a 1.25″x1.5″x3″ volume). To get maximum bonus points in Embryo, you need wheel pants and exhaust, in addition to the open cockpit.

The pants design reflects the art deco style of the landing gear covers.

This adds only about 1 gram to your model – AND – it adds it at the longest lever arm in front of the CG. This can possibly help your model by allowing the wing moved forward slightly to create a longer tail moment (more stability).


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Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 1 in


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