VPS FAC Legal Catapult for Jet Cat


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This Catapult is “made to specs”. The FAC rules state the handle can be no longer than 6″ and the loop of rubber no longer than 9″. and the total rubber width cannot exceed 1/2″.

This is a 1/2″ diameter hardwood handle, 6″ long, with 2 loops of 1/8″ FAI Super Sport rubber. We install 36″ of rubber, knotted and looped through the handle, this produces a loop just under 9″ in length.

Two loops, you ask? Yes. Two loops of 1/8″ meets the maximum rubber width requirement AND provides you with versatility. We use a single loop as we are trimming our new gliders (or after a rebuild). This provides low power, lessening the risk of damage on launch. It is great for trimming the glide portion. Then you can increase to the full power by using both loops at once.

By the way, it’s nicely laser-etched to show everyone where you got your classy catapult!

NOTE: All Volare Products Jet Cat kits already come with one of these catapults. But buy an extra, anyway!


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 7 × 1 × 1 in


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