Boehm Free Wheel Clutch – Metal – Choose Size


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The Boehm Freewheel Clutch was invented by Chris Boehm and is a positive free-weeler (it will automatically re-engage). It mounts on the prop shaft BEHIND the prop and the bail pushes on the side of the prop (as shown).

The METAL version is machined from aluminum and weighs about 1/2 gram – fairly light. It is suitable for Peanuts and Dimers.

You MUST grind or file a notch on the prop shaft to capture the set screw. The set screw (2-56) and allen wrench is tiny (0.035″) and cannot withstand a lot of torque, so the notch is important.

The bail works best on plastic props with a thin hub area. Wider props, like wood props will interfere with the bail operation. You will need to re-bend the bail wire to free-wheel wider props. If needed, you can replace the bail with 0.032″ or 0.025″ wire to suit your needs.

Each clutch includes a properly sized allen wrench! AND now with retainers!


Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in

0.032", 0.047"


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