Victory Model Plans

From the Connecticut Flying Aces Club Squadron “Pinkham Field Handbook”:

Victory Models were conceived and designed during World War II by the team of Ira Dyer and Louis Bucalo.  The motivation wsa the conservation of modelers dwindling supplies of rubber and balsa wood.  Beginning in the January 1943 issue of Flying Aces magazine, seven different plans were published, some of them in companion magazines to Flying Aces.”

I tried to make these PDFs as small as possible, but some are rather large.  All plans fit on one 11″x17″ paper, or two 8.5″x11″ side-by-side.

The Shaft
Shaft-05In Flying Aces, January 1944

Download the original plan HERE

6.7 MB




Victory Stick
VictoryStick01In Flying Aces, January 1943

Download the original plan HERE

14 GB




Triflyer-02In Flying Aces, November 1943

Download the original plan HERE

382 KB

Volare Products
Laser Cut kit available HERE
in the Basement



Fleetwood Flyer
Fleetwood Flyer Article Pic
In Air Age, August 1943

Download the original plan HERE

10 MB






FA Speedysport photoIn Flying Aces, October 1943

Download the original plan HERE

2.8 MB






FA photo GWhizIn Flying Aces, July 1943

Download the original plan HERE

2.9 MB




Flying Elevator
Flying Elevator article photo
(this model is a pusher canard)

In Aircraft Age, April 1944

Download the original plan HERE



9 Responses to Victory Model Plans

  1. Pete Azure says:

    George, The plans show a drawing error and cannot be displayed on my machine.

  2. Ralph Kuenz says:

    Hi George,

    I copied the plans OK. I’ll send what I got to Pete. I like the Flying Elevator.


  3. Ken Wilson says:

    NEATO—-many – many thanks.

    Have a very blessed day,

    Ken <

  4. Richard Shockey says:

    I downloaded all the “victory” plans, and scanned them into AutoCAD®. I do indoor electric RC, and these scale perfectly. I would really like to see a kit of “the Shaft”, as it is a thoroughly charming plane.

  5. Dana Russell says:

    I agree with Richard, George. The Shaft is a cool little design. I’d certainly buy a kit or short kit.

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