Here I present three software calculators for the Modeler.  I first published these online in about 1998. Click the titles below – or the links on the right sidebar.

Carve Calc is a program that generates dimensions for a prop blank when the user inputs the desired Pitch, Diameter and Blade Width. It also produces a table with various dimensions at various stations on the finished prop. Includes a diagram for layout and carving assistance.

Cone Calc is another simple program to help make paper cones from a sheet of paper. Input the desired cone size (for wheel hubs or prop spinners) and find out what sized circle of paper to use.

Strut Calc is simple program to calculate the true length of a diagonal such as a strut or landing gear. Just input the non-diagonal values from the drawing or from the model.


2 Responses to Calculators

  1. Too wet to do much here today, so I’m CADing on a Pnut Avro Avian, and it suddenly crossed my mind how much time, aggravation, cut-‘n-try, fiddling, and overall PITA your various calculators have saved me.

    Many thanks for sharing them with the community – especially the cone and strut calculators.

    • Bredehoft says:

      Thanks, John. As you can probably tell, they are old code – but old code doesn’t mean bad code! I’m glad some can find them useful. –george

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