Starting 2023 off the right way!

2022 is over and now we are on to 2023.  I almost forgot my traditional New Years Day flight in my back yard, but I got the flight logged in the late afternoon.

But this is about a new model!  I started this a little after midnight on New Years Eve/Day  before I headed off to bed.  I picked up the original kit last year and was surprised when I received it.  I knew it was an Old Time Fuselage model, but it is SMALL – only a 12″ wingspan!  The fuselage is built-up and the rubber is enclosed (so it should be good for the Flying Aces Club OT Fuse and 2-Bit events), but is only 1/2″ square on the outer dimensions (and only 3/8″ square internally).  The model came out to 5 grams without rubber (on 24 square inches of wing area).

I finished the model yesterday and put rubber in it and tested it today. It literally flew without adjustment.  I did try some right thrust, but it was too much, so I took it back out.  This is no side thrust, no down thrust, no nose weight, no tail weight – nothing but rubber.

Here is where to find the Short Kit.

Here is a test flight video and photos following.




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