Peanut Canopies and “Scale” Props – Now AVAILABLE!!!

Now available: Peanut “Scale” Propellers and Canopies!

Canopies:  I’ve decided to no longer “limit” my production of canopies.  When I started, I was afraid of inconsistent results due to base materials.  I have now worked a process that produces good results.  I am starting with the canopies for my Peanut Short Kits:  Fairey Barracuda, Vought Corsair, Polikarpov I-16, Yakevlov Yak-3, and the Messerschmitt BF-109e.  These are the same items that already come in the short kits, but maybe you want extras or replacements – now you can get them.

Canopies available on THIS PAGE.

“Scale” Props:  Similarly, I am now able to produce good quality 3D-printed “scale” props for some of my Peanut Short Kits:  Vought Corsair, Aircraft Designs Stallion, Fairey Barracuda, Yakevlov Yak-3, and the Messerschmitt BF-109e.  All but the Corsair props come with a 3d-Printed spinner with index marks for the blade locations.  The propellers are printed from heat-resistant ABS plastic and are available in your choice of Black or Gray (sometimes, spinner color choice is also available).

I have had great success flying these props on my Corsair and Stallion, so I decided to expand and sell them.  The files were created in conjunction with Archie Adamisin and his “3D PROPS” venture.  I am calling them “scale” props because they have the same number of blades are the full-scale propellers, but the quotation marks refer to the fact that they are larger than the scale ratio.  The do give a more realistic appearance to the model.

Currently, all the 4-bladed props are the same, as are the 3-bladed props, with the exception of the Stallion 3-blade prop.  It is smaller, due to the lighter model and motor used.

Another comment is that these have worked for me.  I identify the target model weight and rubber usage.  Given that every model is different, your mileage may vary.  The 4-blade and 3-blade props have the same blade area, so switching for a 4-blade to a 3-blade (like on the Corsair) should make no appreciable difference.

NOTE:  NONE of the props come with ramp.  This is to allow the builder to install his favorite clutch mechanism.  Also, the shaft hole is a generic 1/16″ nominal diameter, again, allowing the builder to properly bush the hole with their favorite tubing solution.

Finally, I have tested these on each of my models – they do fly the models!

“Scale” Props available on THIS PAGE.

Currently, I am only offering Peanut Props and Canopies.  I will work to expand these as time goes by.



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