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What happens when you drag your feet for a few years?  Well, you find that you have quite a collection of Tools from various estates that you have neglected to offer to your customers.  Today I took some time and photographed all of them and logged them into my website.  NOTE:  there are TWENTY-EIGHT HARD-TO-FIND ITEMS – a large number of Rubber Strippers, Indoor Winders, Outdoor Winders, Balsa Strippers – a LOT of stuff!  (Maybe you should tell Santa!)  Check them all out HERE.


Well, a reintroduction of an old product:  the Boehm Clutches, now in ALUMINUM!  I got a batch of these made, in both the 0.047″ and 0.032″ shaft sizes.  These are much more durable than the printed plastic – but they are about twice as heavy, too!  Now you have a choice – Plastic or Metal.  Find them HERE.


I’ve decided to sell replacement vacu-formed canopies for my short kits.  These normally come WITH the short kit, but maybe you want an extra or you damaged yours.  I don’t have them online yet; I’m still building the catalog entries – but soon!

Similarly, I am developing Scale (appearing) 3D-Printed Prop and Spinners for my Peanut short kits.  Scale appearing because they represent the original number of blades that the real plane had.  You’ve seen my 4-bladed Corsair – that’s an example.  I will have sets for the Corsair (4-blade and 3-blade, no spinner), Yak-3 (3-blade with spinner), BF-109e (3-blade with spinner), Barracuda (4-blade with spinner), and the Stallion (3-blade with spinner) – and probably more.  The spinners will have blade location identified, but not cut out.  The props will be printed from heat-resistant ABS and will NOT have a ramp or clutch (so you can install your favorite clutch).  Please note:  these will have rubber power and model weight recommendations provided (based on what has worked for me).

Lastly, I’ve been getting a lot of queries about my mini adjustable nose buttons.  So I am pressing forward and will likely be producing these soon.  They will be in KIT FORM – that is, YOU get to assemble the final product.  They are just too time consuming for me to build them.  I’ve already got an instruction sheet written up.



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