Back Home from Indiana

It was a busy weekend, full of work for me.  Of course, working at flying is better than other kinds of work!  I had some bad luck and some good luck.  After 3 dismal flights in Phantom Flash, I finally had victory in my sites as flight #4 of PF #4 was certain to produce a max.  With two more flights left, I was hopeful.  But it was not to be. Flight 4 went OOS at 4:30 and my backup plane was not in good shape.

I did win the Cloud Tramp Mass Launch and the Watson Challenge.  The Watson Challenge is a McCook Squadron event:  any plane, best 2 of 3 flights – but you MUST use a 24″ strand of 1/8″ supplied by the Contest Director.  I put it in my little Pacific Ace Junior and flew to victory.

I also came home with 4- 3rds and 3- 2nds.  The best of those was in Embryo.  I got 3rd place with my brand new Tomahawk model, beating several others and only losing to Free Flight giants: Ted Allebone (2nd) and Herb Kothe (1st).

Third place award for Embryo

Third place award for Embryo

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