Off To Muncie!

I am leaving this afternoon for Muncie and the McCook Squadron FAC Contest on Saturday and Sunday.  I feel very much behind the curve; not prepared to sell or fly.  I have shortages on certain products, I am trying out a new trailer, and I have several new models that are relatively (or completely) untested.  Not a good way to start the weekend!

Here is the most recent new model – Don Campbell’s Tomahawk Embryo.  Don was a fellow Cloudbuster who passed away last year.  This is sort of a tribute to him.  This is done in Silver and Turquoise Esaki tissue and has a 7″ Superior Prop.  The logo on the side is just how Don has it on the plan and it is printed right on the silver tissue.

I do have a new Embryo – my Sky Rocket – but it weighs in about 25g or so without rubber.  I am sure it will fly well, but I wanted a light weight Embryo again.

As you can see in the gallery photos, the Tomahawk weighs in at 18g without rubber, 28% less than the Sky Rocket.  The Tomahawk will likely be my next kit, as I laser cut all the parts and traced the original plan for a new, fresh plan.  I did adjust the windscreen to gain full raised cabin bonus points.

See you in Muncie!

Tomahawk Embryo

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