NEW PRODUCT – Meteoro P-30 Short Kit!

I’m not a big P-30 competitor; I only fly in 2 or 3 informal P-30 events a year – if that many.  However, I love Rubber-Powered Free Flight and when I see a model with style, I like it, whatever the event category.  If it has twin tails, I’m usually hooked.  If there is some “swoopiness” beyond mere basic functionality, that’s a definite plus.

So when I’ve seen photos of Omar Grassetti’s “Meteoro” P-30 online, I was attracted to it.  I contacted Mr. Grassetti (he’s in Brazil, but “online” is just like around the corner) and he emailed me the plan and gave me permission to kit the “Meteoro”.  I drew up the parts over the winter and built the model last week (started it on Tuesday, finished it on Saturday).

With a geodetic wing and tail and sheeted fuselage, this builds to a VERY strong P-30, mine is a little heavy at 50+ grams. Mr. Grassetti indicates he designed it for windy conditions. With nearly 125 square inches of area, it should have no problem soaring into thermals.

I adjusted the wing for best glide, gave it 50 winds in my back yard, and watched it climb, transition and glide clear across my yard into the woods.  I am sure this will get up and go with the best of them – or at least, with the best of who I fly with!  I hope to give it a real test this weekend, if the weather cooperates.

You might notice that this sport model is not in my standard Black/Red/Yellow livery for sport models.  That is because There is a certain cartoon that is entitled “Meteoro” in Spanish – Speed Racer.  So I’ve colored this model like the famous Mach 5 and even integrated the “M” into my model’s markings.

I’ve made Mr. Grassetti’s drawing fit better on my printer, added some comments, translations and annotations, created a supplemental instruction sheet, and produced 6 laser-cut parts sheets.  You will have the option to add a Gizmo Geezer P-30 Prop Assembly.

You can find the Short Kit HERE.

Here are some build pics – not many as it built fast.

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