NEW PRODUCT – Comet Fokker D.vii Dimer!

My recreation of the Comet Fokker D.vii Dime Scale kit A26.  I have had this kit on the drawing board list for several years and I finally bit the bullet and did it up this winter.  I finished the plane in January, but weather prevented me from test flying it until today.  I was able to get some successively better test flights out of it with a high time around 38 seconds on roughly 600 turns on a loop of 1/8″ rubber.  The prop is a Peck-style 7″.

The tissue is representing Lothar von Richtofen’s plane.  Of course, for Dime Scale, you can simply go with Comet’s recommendation – all red.  This tissue template is available for free download on my Tissue Page.

You can get the Short Kit HERE.

One of the things that worried me was mounting the wings.  I’m not a builder of biplanes, so my experience is limited.  I designed a jig to hold the wing in place while the struts were mounted.  You can see it in the build photos below.

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