A Quick Update – plus TWO New Short Kits!

Site News:  I might be having issues with PayPal payments.  One of the plugins I was using to collect PayPal payments (and credit card payments) was turned off because it is no longer supported and replaced by a new plugin.  I have activated the new plugin but I am not sure it is working correctly.  I’ll be monitoring that and contacting customers if there is a problem with their order.

Products in the Pipeline:  With summer over and winter on the way, I’ve got to shift to thoughts of Indoor flying.  I’ll build another of the Spitfire NoCals before I release the Short Kit (even though I did get the wreck flying well enough to get caught 50 feet up – I want it to fly better).  I am preparing to build another Peanut WWII fighter,  I like them and have a whole string of them to work on.  I have a 2-Bit drawn up and nearly ready to cut.  I am working on the next One-Design kit for next year’s Outdoor Champs – gotta have that done by spring/early summer.  And I have designs that have flown successfully, but need work (or pushing from customers) to move into Production, such as:  Heinkel He.280 JetCat, the Stallion Jumbo, and the Holy Ike OT Stick (a very complicated build.  If you are just itching to have one of those, let me know and I’ll get to finalizing the plans and instructions.

NEW PRODUCTS!!!  There has been a stirring among some of us to work on a proposed event for Indoor and even Outdoor – the Comet 5-Cent Series.  There are 12 designs in the series but only 11 would be eligible for the event (the stick Baby ROG is not scale or even scale-like).  Given that, I have two of the designs ready to offer for sale; you’ve probably seen them – the W-5 Cessna and the W-7 Miller Racer.  Both have been built and flown.  These are TINY with 10″ wingspans.


I even have GENUINE COMET PROPS to go with them.  A few years ago, I bought this box of props on ebay and, being 4″ diameter, I hadn’t a clue how I might use them.  Anyway, these will be a money-saving option with the Nickel short kits – or available separately at $2 each.

You can find the Nickel Short Kits and props HERE.  I’ll be trying to add more of the 11 to the line-up.  Note that at $5 each, these kits are NOT money-makers for me,  I’m just trying to pass on some fun!


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