Two New Short Kits!

We are happy to announce two new Short Kits coming out of the FAC Outdoor Champs earlier this month.

Mike Welshans was able to successfully fly his Comet AYA#4 prototype Short Kit.  This is a reproduction of Comet’s 1940 AYA#4 kit from 1940.  This rarely-seen kit makes a nice 25″ cabin/fuselage model and should be a good flyer in FAC’s 2-Bit Plus One event.  Thanks to David Narance, Dan Driscoll, and Mike Welshans for making this happen.

Dan Driscoll and David Narance with their AYA #4s at the 2021 AMA Outdoor Nats.

Find the AYA#4 short kit HERE

The second short kit is our Folkerts SK-2 Indoor NoCal short kit modified for Outdoor use.  Many of the laser-cut parts were reworked to make them more robust for outdoor abuse and some portions of the plan were redesigned for the same reason.  James Martin suggested the change and I built and flew the prototype at Muncie.  I also made tissue templates for the “Toots”.  You can use the free “Toots” or the “Miss Detroit” for either the Indoor or Outdoor versions.

Find the Outdoor Folkerts short kit HERE

Find the Indoor Folkerts short kit HERE


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