Pontiac Psych-out!

This is to get into the heads of all my FAC flying buddies that will be going to the 2014 Indoor Fling in Pontiac, MI tomorrow.  Here is my hangar of airplanes for tomorrow’s competition:

Peanut Scale:  Pegna P.C.1 and Junkers Stuka
FAC Scale:  T.E.A.M. HiMaxDime Scale:  Chambermaid
NoCal:  T.E.A.M. HiMax
Phantom Flash
Embryo:  BC Special
Goodyear Race:  Falcon Special II
WWII Mass Launch:  Stuka
Pinkham Field Stick:  19″ Cloud Tramp and Sleek Streek
Pinkham Field Victory:  TriFlyer
Jet Catapult: Yak-21

As it says on my model box: “look upon my works and despair!”  (Now if I just get a chance to fly half of them!)




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