Better Flying Through Record Keeping

I’ve written an article and put it in the How To area.  I hope you might find it useful.

How-To: Better Flying Through Record Keeping



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  1. LR says:

    Was just reading your post about record keeping, which mentioned computing MAC. If I’m not mistaken, one could determine 25 percent MAC point by cutting out the forward half of a surface from some kind of uniform sheet material. Cardboard?Card stock? 25 percent MAC would correspond to the balance point at mid span. If the weight per unit area of the material is known, then one could figure out how long the MAC is too. Double the weight of the half piece. Divide that weight by the weight per unit area. Take that area, divide by the span, and you have the MAC. It would probably be a good idea to weigh some accurately cut out squares of the material first to see if they all weigh the same. Obviously, you need to have an accurate scale for this. Might be useful for someone who doesn’t have or like CAD.

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