Where have you been, George Bredehoft?



Today is Day Five.

At 1am Saturday morning, I was awakened with severe pain in my right kidney.  Having been through this 15 years ago, I knew it was a kidney stone.  I will save you from reading all the trials and tribulations involved and sum it up this way:

I have been out of commission, doing nothing but visiting the doctor, the Emergency Room, and subsequently being drugged up and on the couch (or in bed) until this morning.  I think I answered one email and two Facebook messages – no other reading emails, scrolling through Facebook, drawing plans – or packing orders.  Absolutely nothing since Friday.

The good news is – I have received all t-shirts ordered to date and will (hopefully) start packing and shipping them today.

The bad news is – I do not believe I have passed the stone (I haven’t seen it) and am just holding my breath waiting for the attacks to start again.  I am not feeling back to normal, although my head is clear(er) since I have not taken narcotics in about 20 hours.  I need to be done with this.

Anyway, now you know and thanks for your continuing patience.  It seems I am always asking for that.


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One Response to Where have you been, George Bredehoft?

  1. Jon Shereshaw says:

    Been there, done that! They finally had to go up my
    And grab it! I haven’t had it since 20 years ago!
    It’s important to stay very hydrated! God bless! I know
    The pain you’re going through.
    Jon B. Shereshaw

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