I’ve been very busy in the last few weeks and now I can announce TWO NEW KITS!

Kit 1:  a laser cut kit of Charles Hampson Grant’s classic stick model – the Cloud Tramp. This kit includes:

  • laser cut 1/20″ sheet flying surfaces
  • laser cut, re-engineered, easy-to build wing saddle
  • laser cut wheels
  • two varieties of nose bearing mount
  • wire for landing gear and tail hook
  • prop, prop shaft, rubber
  • new instructions
  • copy of original magazine article and documentation

All of that for $12.  I do offer a combo-pack:  the kit plus a Superior Props 8″ prop blank; for a total of $16.  Get it in plenty of time for the World Wide Mass Launch!

Kit 2:  A neo-Dime Scale Short Kit of the famous Chambermaid racer, designed by Bernard Guest. As a short kit, we are providing a copy of the plan and 3 sheets of laser-cut parts. This is a very successful model in all scales and in Dime Scale, it consistently places at or near the top of the list.

This plan is so close to scale that the simple addition of two stringers to the sides of the fuselage and two stringers to the bottom of the fuselage, and flying wires on the tail should be all that is required to convert this to a full 16″ span scale model of the 1938 Greve Race proposal.

We will also include Bernard’s artwork for the model as a free download.  This will allow you to print the color and markings onto your own tissue. The pages are formatted to print on 8.5″x14″ sheets (legal), but might work better on 11″x17″ paper.

The Chambermaid Short Kit is $10.

Cloud Tramp Kit

Chambermaid Short Kit



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