I have re-stocked tissue; New and Old!

I thought I was going to be out of the tissue business, but friends Chuck Imbergamo and Mike Kirda have been hard at work tracking down tissue suitable for modeling.

Mike tracked down the LAST genuine Esaki tissue in a warehouse in Japan.  Several of us dealers bought up everything (except several thousand of the slow-selling green) that was in the warehouse:  All of the White, Blue, and Black.  It is all state-side and will be distributed to the dealers as soon as my postage issues get worked out.

Mike also found a 9gsm tissue (Esakie is 12-13gsm, Gampi is about 9gsm) and I ordered a bunch of that.  It is quite different than Gampi – Gampi is thin and crisp, whereas this is very soft and slightly porous.  I am covering a model with this now and it requires patience and a slightly different technique.  But it does shrink up in a gentle and consistent manner.  But being soft, it will dimple if touched with a pointy object – like your fingertip.  I am sealing it with 3 coats of 5:1 thinner:dope combo and I am impressed with the parts where I didn’t make any mistakes covering – it looks very good.  This Kuranai is only available in WHITE.

Lastly, Mike and Chuck were simultaneously working with Testuro Kubo in Japan.  He operates a hobby website (http://backyardfactory.net/peanut/) and appears to be the middleman for this Asuka tissue.  I decided to carry RED, ORANGE, and YELLOW since I now have plenty of White, Black, and Blue).  This tissue is reportedly about 14gsm.  The colors I have are not the same as Esaki (different manufacturer, remember?), with the red being more “red”, the orange being very bright, and the yellow more like lemon yellow.  (P.S. – this is the same tissue that Peck just announced.)

  • ESAKI (there will be no more)
    White – 1900 sheets
    Blue – 450 sheets
    Black – 400 sheets
    Green – some left
    Brown – some left
    Sky Blue – not much left
    Silver – not much left
    Blue Checkerboard – very little left
  • KURANAI (new supply)
    White – 900 sheets
  • ASUKA (new supply)
    Red – 1000 sheets
    Orange – 1000 sheets
    Yellow – 1000 sheets

You can find all my tissues on this page:  TISSUE PAPER

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