New December Products!

There has been a flurry (December snow – get it?) of NEW PRODUCTS this week!  Band Burner DTs, 1S LiPo Charger, Stacked Prop Kit, Yak-3 Peanut – see below for details!

  • Hummingbird Band Burner DT – BACK IN STOCK
    • redesigned for a more compact and standardized form
    • light weight and rechargeable without removal from model
    • find it HERE
  • Hummingbird 1S 10mAh-100mAh LiPo Battery Charger
    • specifically designed for the tiny 1S LiPo batteries used in the Band Burner DT
    • variable charge rate
    • powered by any USB source
    • find it HERE
  • VPS Stacked Prop Fixture Kit
    • accurately sets sticks for stacked props
    • Normal or Reverse rotation
    • 4P through 15P pitch choices
    • comes with two sheet of laser-cut sticks
    • find it HERE
  • VPS Stacked Prop Sticks
    • laser-cut for identical pieces
    • 1 set = two sheets
    • choose 6″, 8″ or 11″ length
    • find it HERE
  • Yakevlov Yak-3 Peanut Short Kit
    • vacu-formed canopy and spinner included
    • build notes HERE
    • free tissue printing template HERE
    • Short Kit HERE


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