Peanut Scale Yak-3 – All Done!

It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Peanut Scale models.  And I really like to make WWII fighters in Peanut Scale – they don’t always win against bigger models in Combat, but they can shock the troops when you get a good flying one.

Back in 2018, I went to the AMA Indoor Nats in Rantoul, IL.  There I met George Nuñez, who drove up from Florida with a car load of models (he probably had 20 models with him!)  One of those that caught my eye was his Peanut Yak-3.  Not only was it cute and clean little plane, but it flew great (he beat my Barracuda in WWII Combat).  I asked him about it and he said his son, Jonathan had designed it.

George Nuñez at Rantoul in 2018 and some of his models. Note his Yak-3 front and center.

I always meant to ask Jonathan about it, but many things got in my way.  Eventually, his plan was published in the Nov/Dec 2019 issue of the NFFS Digest.  I contacted Jonathan and asked him if I could kit his plan and he consented.  It took me a little time, but I finally got the plan redrawn (I redrawn plans to create the parts).  I made some minor changes (replaced the hollowed out block for the lower cowl to what I call stringer/formers and some other minor changes).  Then I had to convince myself to start building.  Once I did, it went really quickly – just a few days from nothing to covered model.  Final weight without rubber is just a smidge under 9 grams.

By the way, I grabbed the tissue patterns from the asisbiz website – a site for computer gaming skins.  This is a great resource for WWII tissue layouts as the entire surface of the gaming aircraft needs to be covered, just like out models – and those artists go into great detail.

While my model hasn’t hit 20 seconds, yet, I know it will.  At 9 grams without rubber, it is just too light to test outdoors – even light breezes carry into the trees surrounding my yard.

Here is a link to the short kit, complete with vacu-formed canopy and spinner: (HERE).   You can download the tissue print file, too (HERE).

Here are my build photos.

3D printed canopy and spinner bucks and resulting pulls

ready to start building!

tail surfaces

the second side being built

going 3D on the fuse

installing the block that is the nose

showing the upper stringer/formers

showing the lower stringer/formers (after sanding)

setting the dihedral

covering underway (with printed tissue)

radiator scoop ready to cover

radiator scoop covered

underside of finished model

top side

“Yellow 19” in Poland 1945

“Yellow 19” in Poland 1945

composite – with photo, artwork, and model

the end of the last outdoor test flight

retrieved without damage



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  1. Mahir Al Hasani says:

    Hi Mr.Bredehft, is the Yakovlev Yak- 3 printed tissue covering, water shrunk & doped, or applied dry with UHU stick?
    for weight saving.

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