Tinkering in the Prop Factory

What happens when you give a guy that loves to play with tools a couple of new pieces of equipment, lots of supplies, plenty of time, and a few how-to ideas?

Well, our Prop Factory turned out this experimental piece!  Take three 6-inch 2-bladers and an active mind and this is what my dad produced.  It’s just an experiment or an example, not for a customer.

He has sent me literally boxes of prop blanks to sell.  We’ve been sending several out to customers, including 2-bladed Old Time folders.  Send in your requests!

experimental 6" 6-blade prop

experimental 6″ 6-blade prop


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2 Responses to Tinkering in the Prop Factory

  1. Haoyang Wang says:

    Duct fan!

  2. Jeff Jackson says:

    That thing will blow the wings off!

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