NEW PRODUCT – Cessna Bird Dog Dime Short Kit

FIVE DAY BUILD!  I call this the “ULTIMATE” Dime Scale model.  Why is it the “ultimate”; it is not large in wing area, motor length or any other measurement?  Well, the full scale Cessna 305 was flown on December 14th, 1949 – and our FAC Dime Scale rules have a cut-off date requiring the the full scale planes must have been built prior to December 31st, 1949.  This may be the last eligible aircraft – hence the “Ultimate” (haha).

This design builds quick and light.  For Dime Scale, I flattened the sides and bottom – very simple.  All top and bottom cross pieces are provided to create the correct trapezoidal cabin shape.  Even the color scheme of the 305 prototype is simple:  Silver with black anti-glare panels and markings.

The plans and parts will be published int he next Cloudbusters newsletter, legalizing the new plan for FAC Dime.

Here are build photos and a crudely trimmed test flight.  NOTE:  the prop shown in the photos is NOT LEGAL for FAC Dime Scale is it is multi-piece wood construction.  The video shows the model flying with a Peck 6″ prop (legal).

You can find the Short Kit HERE



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  1. jimhaley42 says:

    Beautiful flight in small area,, will order one , ole fart Jimmy

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