Busy Sunday in February

Wow – what a busy day today.  I’ve assembled a stack of Winder Counters, loaded almost 30 new Superior Props Accessories on the Basement web site, and filled 13 or so orders today.  The orders are shipping all over the world: mostly to the United States, but also to Germany, Croatia and Russia.

On the other side, I need to start re-stocking supplies as they are starting to run short.  I also have to resume assembling kits; it takes more time than you might imagine.

Speaking of kits, I am working on no less than 3 potential kits, with another 3 or 4 waiting for more development.

All of this work has prevented me from building:  I haven’t touched the building board since early January; before I went down south to move Superior Props.  I see that it is just past 6pm and the sun is just setting – that means the days are getting longer and flying will resume again here in the Midwest.   I do have nearly all of my potential contests marked on the calendar; I will see about loading them here online – in my “spare” time!



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