Expanding the Superior Props Inventory

Nearly all Old Timer plans include dimensions for the prop block.  The user was to carve the block to the appropriate shape.  Given the technology inherent in the Superior Pros business, we have the capability to produce prop blanks that meet these Old Time plans (as SAM requires!).

Here are the first examples:  The Flying Aces Moth and the Jimmie Allen Sky Raider.  Sometimes, you hear that the Moth needs a wooden prop because of the long nose.  Well, now is your opportunity.  The block dimensions were taken right from the Flying Aces magazine and machined down to produce the proper 8.5″ prop blank with the designed pitch.  The same thing was done for the Jimmie Allen Sky Raider and here is the resulting 10″ prop blank.  Both are available at the same price of standard freewheeling blanks of the same length.

Lastly – if you have any Old Timer prop blocks to share – or that you want made – please send the information in to me (model, length, width, thickness).  We will fix you right up!

FA Moth and JA Sky Raider prop blanks

FA Moth and JA Sky Raider prop blanks


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