NEW PRODUCT – Electronic Band-Burner DT

A year ago, I posted a video on the operation of a Electronic Band-Burner DT and many people have asked if I would be carrying this product.

I am happy to say that I have worked out an agreement with Bernard Guest, who is making these timers.  I now have them on this site for sale – with or without a 40mAH battery.

These are great little timers and I use them myself.  I am convince that one of these saved my Caudron from a fly-away last year at the AMA Nats.

They are programmable up to 16 minutes in 10-second increments.  The operation and programming are not as difficult as you might think, and are especially easy to do after you’ve done it once or twice.  (Instructions are posted on the product page)

Because Bernard is making these individually by hand and I have to buy them at very little discount, they are currently available only with or without the battery and I only have a small number (10) on-hand today.  Should I get plenty of batteries in the future, I could sell them individually.  Bernard does promise that he will soon be able to provide appropriate chargers in the near future, which I will post as soon as possible. (Note: I use a small and cheap 100mAH charger.  Bernard warns that LiPos should not be charged at this high rate as it will shorten the life of the battery.)


Videos below the photos

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