February Prop Inventory

As you can see in the photo below, we are in production.  I am starting to accumulate inventory, especially in 2-bladed freewheelers.  We are making folders, but the learning curve is higher.  In the photo below, you will see a variety of freewheelers, for 6-12 inches, and the first group of folders (some will need rework or will end up as samples).

There are Gollywock folders, a requested left handed 3-bladed 10″ freewheeler, a requested matched pair of 7″ left and right freewheelers.

2-bladed freewheelers are on the site for purchase.  Options are available (pitch changes, left handed, matched pairs).  3- and 4- bladed will be online soon, although photos will be slow to appear.

Sparky and Gollywock Folders will be coming to the OT Folder section. But we have over 30 different OT blade patterns for specific Old Timers, so we might jsut be able to make exactly what you need.  Just drop me an email.

Lastly, we will be adding all of the standard accessories that Superior Props has carried in the past:  freewheel clutches, prop shafts, OT Folder hinges, OT prop shaft assemblies, and so on.  Also, look for a couple new prop blanks for famous OT models, cut to the original specs.

Contact me via email if you have questions or specific prop requests!  shortysbasement@gmail.com


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